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Automotive glazing training

Posted in: News  |  Posted on: 6 Feb 2020
 When I started fitting windscreens about 30 years ago, training consisted of a week with another fitter, then you were on your own. I still remember the first windscreen I fitted, it was an XF Falcon,  and while it seems simple now back then it was quite a challenge. I was very nervous, and unsure of my self. My training had not included one of these, but I soon learned that nearly every job for quite some time was going to be a new experience. Most vehicles have little challenges for the new guy,  and until you have a few years experience under you belt it can be quite difficult when you're on your own, with little support. 

This has taught me how important training is, many things I have had to learn on my own, from my own mistakes.

Today training is even more important, with so many changes in the Auto glazing industry, especially in recent years. Training is vital to improving and maintaining the quality of work needed. 

Innovations such as improved methods of fitting, the design of modern vehicles and windscreen accessories such as rain sensors and cameras, amongst many other things have made it vital that we have a up to date training program for new trainees in the industry. 

The industry has started to recognise the importance of training and improving the image of the auto glass industry. 

Organisations such as the AGA (Auto Glass Association), and others are promoting quality training such as Certificate III in Automotive Glazing Technology (AUR32216), but are also looking to improve upon such. They are also working on a standard method of fitting to be national recognised by Australian consumer law. (AS2080 Safety Glazing for land vehicles). 

At Bundy Windscreens we have long recognised the importance of training and correct fitting procedure. Thats why we have been developing our own procedures and training program for many years. All of our current fitters have been trained here at Bundy Windscreens, and we currently have a new trainee. 

Our fitters have also completed Certificate III in Automotive Glazing Technology. We are very proud of our fitters and what the have achieved! are always looking for ways to improve our procedures so that we can provide our best service.   


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