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Do you have a mobile service?

Yes, we can travel to you. If you cannot get the vehicle to us then for a small call out fee we can make a time that suits you where ever you need the job done. Whether it's at your work or home or anywhere in between we can make a time and place that meets your needs.
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Can I claim on my insurance?

Most insurance companies have glass cover, some cover your windscreen or side glass automatically while others require an extra payment for the cover. If you have an excess then you may need to check if you have the extra cover, otherwise the excess will apply.
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How do I claim?

Some insurance companies require a claim no. This means that you, the insured, needs to contact the insurance company and inform them that you wish to make a claim on your policy and they will give you a number that you will then be able to give to your repairer. They will then be able to send an invoice directly to the insurance company leaving you debt and worry free! Some insurance companies require a claim form, yet others only require that we include the policy number on the invoice. Check with you insurance what the require.
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What if there is rust around my windscreen?

Once we have removed the windscreen we can determine how bad the rust is. If it is significant, then we may recommend seeing a professional repairer. If it is only surface then for an extra fee we can clean the surface and apply a rust treatment. This will ensure that the rust will be slowed if not stopped and should ensure a good seal, preventing the windscreen from leaking.
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What about rego sticker and service sticker?

The registration sticker can usually be replaced on the new windscreen, some times they do become brittle and fall apart when removed, if this is the case then simply apply for a new one from the transport dept.
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Where is the windscreen made, is it genuine glass?

Most windscreens these days are manufactured overseas. Due to costs, the majority of windscreens fitted are imported screens. While they are not made in Australia they still need to meet the Australian standard and are quite safe for Australian driving conditions. While some like to blame the windscreens for being weaker, the fact is they are made of glass and Australian roads do have a lot of rocks! Some prefer to use genuine glass. These may be a better quality finish, but they also have a higher price tag some times as much as 5 to 10 times the price.
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How long does it take to replace my windscreen?

Depending on the vehicle it usually takes 2 - 3 hours. Most modern vehicles are fitted with urethane which requires some time to cure before the vehicle can be driven. So fitting time plus curing time equals anywhere from 2 to 3 hours.
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How soon can I drive my vehicle?

Again depending on how the screen is fitted. If it is fitted with urethane then it will take 30 to 60 minutes after the screen has been fitted before the vehicle can be driven. If it is fitted in a rubber then in most cases it can be driven straight away. If you are unsure about how your screen is fitted then just contact us.
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Do you replace side and rear glass?

Yes, we can help you with just about any glass in any vehicle, some older models are hard to find but most modern vehicle glass is readily available. While we cannot keep every glass in stock, it is usually only overnight and we can normally fit your order within 2 - 3 Days.
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What guarantee do you have?

We give a guarantee on the glass and our workmanship, if any any point you feel disappointed with our service then we encourage you to contact us so we can rectify the problem. Our guarantee carries until you no longer own the vehicle. It covers any Leek involving the windscreen, the finished result and any fault with the glass. Our Gaurentee is that you have a new glass and will be happy with the end result.
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Why should I repair my windscreen?

Not only is a windscreen repair cost effective, it can also prolong the life of your windscreen. preventing the damage from spreading and necessitating a replacement. Also, any damage to the windscreen that is considered a defect can attract a fine. Repairing your windscreen can save you money, prevent the damage from spreading and cause your windscreen to weaken.
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How big can the chip be before my windscreen cannot be repaired?

Generally any chip or crack larger than a 10 cent piece we don't recommend for repair. Normally however we like to take a look at the repair before we commit to a repair. Our expert staff will be able to determine if it is worth repairing and make a recommendation, the finally decision is left up to you. If we cannot repair the windscreen then we will recommend a replacement.
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What other factors can determine if the chip is repairable?

Apart from size, other factors include complexity, age, contamination and the amount of glass missing from the surface. Also the repair can only be made to the outside layer of glass. A laminated windscreen has two inside and out, if the inside layer is damaged then nothing can be done. Contamination is usually a result of the damage being wet, water carries contaminates into the damage and prevents an effective repair, and can leave a disappointing result. While the damage is wet it cannot be repaired, however after it has dried it may be possible to still repair the windscreen providing there is not too much contamination. The main objective is to fill the damage gluing the crack together preventing it from spreading.
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Why do cracks Spread?

The most common reason a crack will spread is a change in temperature. If you have any damage to your windscreen, it is important to get it repaired as soon as possible. If there is any delay you should avoid your windscreen experiencing any sudden change in temperature. Sometimes it is impossible, but somethings that should not be done are-
Washing a hot car with cold water out of the tap
turning the air conditioner directly on a hot windscreen
extremely low temperatures when the interior is kept warm
Other reasons the crack may spread include the position of the damage, jarring, and rough roads.
Any pressure on the inside of the windscreen especially near the damage will cause it to spread. Any contamination in the damage, especially liquid, will increase the risk that is why it is important to place a saver patch (sticker) over the damage, to keep it dry and clean. It increases the chances for a better repair and extends the life of the screen until it can be repaired. But it is not a repair in itself.
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