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Rain sensors and automatic wipers

Posted in: Glass Repairs / Tips  |  Posted on: 20 Jun 2013
More and more we are seeing windscreens with rain sensors, or automatic wipers. That is wipers that come on automatically, while driving, when it starts to rain. While these rain sensors are attached to the windscreen, they are not supplied with the windscreen when the windscreen is replaced. They do however require an accessory on the windscreen in order to attach them to it.
It is normally a fairly straight forward procedure in order to attach the rain sensor to the new screen. However there are different types of rain sensors and some can be a little more complicated than others. Before we remove the rain sensor, we always test it to ensure that it working, just in case it's not. Then we remove the rain sensor from the windscreen, with all the working parts intact. Having removed the rain sensor then we proceeded to remove the windscreen. Once the windscreen has been replaced, we re-attach the rain sensor and test it again to ensure it is working. Occasionally the rain sensor will not function, they are a sensitive piece of equipment.
There are several things which can contribute to the rain sensor not functioning. Just being unplugged and plug in again can cause loss of function, depending on the type. It could be out of alignment with the windscreen. Sometimes the gel pad between the windscreen and the sensor could be too badly damaged from removal, occasionally these need to be replaced. In any case replacing the windscreen always involves removing the rain sensor, and this can cause loss of function - sometimes. Depending on what the problem is, this may require some assistance from the dealership where the car was purchased. However the problem is normally one that can be solved, and most of the time - before the car is picked up by the owner.
If you do experience and problems with your rain sensor after a new Windscreen has been fitted. We recommend seeing those who replaced your windscreen to find a solution.

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