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Can my windscreen be repaired?

Posted in: Glass Repairs / Tips  |  Posted on: 25 May 2013

This question is one that we get asked all the time and there is usually no simple answer without us first inspecting the damage. Before we can repair there are several things we need to take into account. 

Things to take into account: 

  • The age of the damage
  • The size and location
  • The number of 'Hits' on the screen
  • The complexity of the damage 
  • The presents of moisture and contamination in the damage
  • Overall condition of the screen

The longer a chip or crack remains unchecked on a windscreen the more likely it is to spread or become unrepairable. This is why we recommend repairing your windscreen as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and the greater cost of having to replace your windscreen. Also any crack or chip in the windscreen can make your vehicle unroadworthy in the eyes of the law and attract a fine which could be more Than the cost of a repair!

There are limitations to what can be repaired, size and location as well as number can affect what can and can't be done. It's best to get advice by just dropping in to see Bundy Windscreens for an accurate assessment of your windscreen.

The presents of moisture and other contaminates can impede a good repair and reduce the effectiveness of it. By calling into Bundy Windscreens you can collect your RACQ saver patches to keep in your glovebox. These are little round stickers that keep the damage to your windscreen from moisture and other contaminates as well as indicating what can be repaired. Any damage that extends outside the stickers edge may not be repairable. 

A laminated windscreen is made up of three layers. One layer of PVB(Polyvinyl butyral) sandwiched between two layers of glass. We can only repair the outside layer of glass, so if the inside layer is broken, or both layers have been impacted then it will not be repairable.

The over all condition of the windscreen should be taken into account. If the windscreen has other damage such as sandblasting which would make it difficult to see thru when driving into the sun then we recommend that the windscreen be replaced anyway. In fact many people replace their windscreen for this reason alone after many kilometres of driving windscreens can become difficult to see thru and often people don't realize just how bad until they have a nice new clear windscreen.

Don't forget to check your insurance policy, you may be entitled to a new windscreen at no cost to you which will provide you with a better and safer driving experience.

Don't forget to maintain your windscreen wipers and washer bottle. These following simple steps alone can help keep your windscreen in better condition and make it last longer. Many windscreens have been irreversibly damaged by scratches from poorly fitting blades or dust and dirt that has collected on them.

Take these steps to lengthen the life of your windscreen

  • Clean regularly 
  • Replace wiper blades regularly
       (available from Bundy Windscreens)
  • Refill your washer bottle often and use it often especially in dusty conditions
       (available from Bundy Windscreens)
  • Repair chips and cracks as soon as possible 
       (fast repairs at Bundy Windscreens)
  • Talk to the experts at Bundy Windscreens for 'FREE' advice on any windscreen damage
  • Carry saver patches in your glovebox (available 'FREE' from Bundy Windscreens)

At Bundy Windscreen Repairs are a cost effective way of increasing the life of your windscreen! Safe driving - Bundy Windscreens!



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